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(all paintings were created underwater )

 ...what is it - show off, an attempt to stand out, a crazy idea? No, no and NO. Imagine the normal artist - someone create their artworks from memory, someone from a photo, but we all love to do it from life, because painting from life is an action in real time that the author tries to capture on canvas through the prism of his impressions and experiences inspirations and delights in the real moment. That's exactly why we, divers-artists, who are in love with the beauties of the underwaterworld go underwater on scuba with canvas and colors. Because exactly there in the deep we experience, we love and admire. There we experience those emotions and feelings that cause us to splash them out onto canvas.


The main focus of my painting is underwater marine life.

Inspiration it is that kind of emotion which can visit you suddenly any time. Artist purpose is to safe in memory this magic and as soon as possible to express it on canvas.
My inspiration visits me while scuba diving very often. I am in another dimension, in zero gravity, fly like a bird above the colorful reef and just a sound of air which break out of regulator reminds me that I breath. 


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