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Underwater art is becoming a very popular modern art nowadays.  The original pioneer of underwater painting was Andre Laban, the engineer of Cousteau’s team. The first underwater boxes for cameras are his invention as well. He was a chemist, so he created a special cover for canvas and he found out what colors are possible to use underwater for painting, and that it is not toxic for the environment. He has been painting underwater for 20 years and his works are now all over the world. I can gratefully say that I am a follower of Andre Laban. In 2015 I did my first steps in underwater art, and in September 2019 I created my own course "Underwater Artist" and approved by PADI my distinctive specialty. I am  based in Shams Diving Center, Safaga, Egypt. Courses are available as well on some liveaboard trips in the Red Sea.
 The course is designed for every certified divers even without any art skills. The main idea is to give the opportunity for everyone express emotions and feelings which divers experience underwater during scuba diving by doing an intuitive painting.
We offer two options: "Underwater painting introduction dive" and "Underwater Artist" course. 
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Download presentation of underwater painting courses
Underwater Painting Introduction Dive
Course is designed for every certified diver (minimum level Open Water). No art skills are required. Everyone can try and create underwater painting with instructor.
 Briefing (around 1 hour)
     - Diving basic skills
     - Common principles of underwater painting
     - Materials and tools to use
     - Environment care
 1 Dive 60-90 minutes, maximum depth 5 meters.
Instructor chooses area, sets up equipment, shows underwater painting process. Student participates in process, put colors on palette, mix colors. During introduction dive student create own underwater painting with instructor's help. The maximum size of canvas not exceed 40x30 cm.
Underwater Artist Course
Course is designed for every certified diver (minimum level Open Water). No art skills are required. Everyone can try and create underwater painting with instructor. It based on intuitive painting - reflection of emotions and feelings in a particular moment while being underwater from surrounding environment.
     - Knowledge development

    - Classroom presentations during which student will learn and practice principls of oil painting, underwater oil painting - student create a minimum of 1 oil painting in the classroom

     - Open water dives:

1. There will be at least two underwater painting dives, during which student will create a painting

2. Each dive’s objectives will help student develop his skill as an underwater artist

3. The objectives for each dive will depend partly on student interests

      - Certification:

 Upon successfully completing the course, you will receive the PADI Underwater Artist specialty certification.

Our happy students!
LOCATION:     Red Sea      EGYPT     SAFAGA
Underwater painting school is based in Shams Safaga Diving Center, Safaga, Egypt.
Safaga is a small old historical town 56 km down south from Hurghada
There are more than 20 dive spots and a beautiful House Reef with perfect conditions for underwater painting.
Accomodation:                 Shams Safaga Hotel               Shams Prestige 
                                         Shams Imperial                       Shams Lodge  
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Underwater painting courses are available during Safari trips in the Red Sea.
For more details and available dates of trip send request .
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