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Seven Days Underwater

Underwater Painting by Olga Nikitina during scuba diving safari 7 Days Underwater the Red Sea Egypt.

Underwater Painting by OlgaNikitinArt, project 7 Days underwater. The biggest artwork by Olga Nikitina created underwater during scuba diving 120x80cm. Artwork reflects the story of 7 safari days in the Red Sea on liveaboard Heaven Saphir. Artist captured the best dive spots – highlights of the Red Sea such as Abu Nuhas wrecks, Ras Mohamed National Park, wreck Thistlegorm, Brothers, wreck Salem Express. There were a several underwater painting sessions in seven days in a different places. In the end all dive team who participated in this expedition gave some touch to the artwork to seal a story.


Draw your inspiration while traveling with me

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A few times per year we travel to different countries with a purpose to feed your inspiration, to widen your view, to see different nature and culture. While tour you will see the best seensights, historical places, spectacular views, rare wild animals, beautiful sea and ocean. You will create your new artworks from life and will have master classes from me.

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